Nýr klúbbur í Úkraínu

Nýr klúbbur í Úkraínu

  • 13.09.2007


Greetings from Ukraine

I am the president new Kiwanis club in Ukraine Lora Pavlenko.We shall have presentation in October, 13th It is the first Kiwanis in Ukraine.

We prepared for opening club almost year. At opening club we shall be glad to invite the members of Kiwanis from other countries

We have a good group of people which will be members of this club.

We have received the information about the activity of Kiwanis International.

I am glad that we shall a part of the big family the Kiwanis club. I and my group very much want to learn more about the meetings which carry out in other groups, to have dialogue. Also we with pleasure shall be sisterly group. If you are interested in dialogue, an exchange of the information of our countries, traditions, about work which do. We shall be glad. Also it will help us to build our work and group. I shall be grateful for the answer

Lora Pavlenko